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16 January 2021 - 27 March 2021

Xanthe Dobbie | IMMI | Bhenji Ra as part of Club Ate with Justin Shoulder | Diego Ramirez | Kaylene Whiskey

Curated by Charlotte Christie | Digital Space designed by Alexandra Margetic

The Multiverse Digital Space is live at the-multiverse.com.au

In the multiverse all possibilities exist. Artists often ask us to reimagine the world we know into different possibilities; some dark, some utopian, some absurd, some just a small step sideways. Reconstructing reality can often reveal the arbitrary parameters that define our world, but perhaps shouldn’t - and in somewhere in the multiverse, might not. If our universe is truly an accident, how much of it can we control, shape and shift to change the dominant narrative, turning left, instead of right, to reposition the values that define it.

In this exhibition five artists will each inhabit a room within Bundoora Homestead transforming the space into their own version of the universe. In these parallel worlds the artists find their doppelgängers engaged in dismantling the mainstream, each offering us a portal into what could be in their alternative realities within the multiverse.

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