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3 July 2021 - 1 November 2021

Artists: Laksmi Shitaresmi, Jeremy Blincoe, Monica Lim, Peter Ellis, Misklectic, Abdi Setiawan, Fika Ria Santika. 

Curated by Honorary Professor Julian Goddard. RMIT School of Art.

In Morphosis, seven artists explore animism and the ancient wisdom of the human/animal and other hybrid forms, drawing varied significance and presenting a multiplicity of perspectives. Animism’s inclusive belief system urges us to move away from our human-centric notions and to listen, communicate and show respect to all beings and things. It also speaks to the transformation of the human body and spirit allowing stronger connections with nature – both seen and unseen.

Bringing the deep history of this tendency in human thinking into the present, this exhibition questions not only its value, but recognises its persistence as a form of expression. Morphosis defers to animism in art, popular culture, everyday language and thinking.


Pudica, In Motion: A short film from Misklectic

UNIVERSE (JAGAD) from Monica Lim on Vimeo.

1. Laksmi SHITARESMI Irama Keseimbangan Hidupku (The Rhythm of Life Balance) 2011 Bronze casting, copper, electro gold painting, electro silver painting, leather rope, polyurethane painted. Courtesy of Konfir Kabo Collection

2. Abdi SETIAWAN What Else Could We Think About? Bon Apetite 2014-2017. Wood. Courtesy of Konfir Kabo Collection

3. Peter ELLIS The Red Squirrel 1987 Oil on linen. Collection of the artist

4.  Monica LIM Jagad (Universe) 2019, Jogjakarta. Collection of the artist. Concept & Production: Monica Lim, Garin Nugroho. Director: Garin Nugroho. Sound: Monica Lim. Choreography: Rianto

5. Misklectic Pudica 2019 Gypsum, pigment, resin, steel, wood. Collection of the artist

6. Jeremy BLINCOE Half-Shut Eyes Bent Sideways 2021 Monterey Cypress, Rebar Steel. Collection of the artist

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