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11 March 2021 - 27 March 2021

Collider is a site responsive work that investigates the physical and conceptual notions of landscape as matter and phenomena.  Using video sequences, this work places the Bundoora Homestead site within a shifting scale of material territories, molecular energies and entropic disorder. Collider includes both abstracted and live video sequences shot throughout the Bundoora Homestead Art Centre grounds and across Bundoora Park and the Mt Cooper area that appear to be capturing unknown, signalling phenomena. The work depicts time, space and place where the idea of a site is viewed as both poetic and quantum. Locations float and revolve with a sense of shifting dimensionality, containing endless physical potential, objects transmitting or receiving signals of unknown significance, referencing terrestrial/extra-terrestrial landscapes and mindscapes. Space felt rather than understood.

Collider is presented in partnership with Speak Percussion and FUSE Festival for Before Nightfall #13. Before Nightfall is a series of musical encounters between Speak Percussion and guest artists, working intensively across one day. In 2020, Before Nightfall used the moving image as its inspiration to push the boundaries of performance during the global pandemic.

See Workshops & Events for information and booking link to Before Nightfall - artist talks and a drink with Jon Butt and our Speak Percussion artists. 

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