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7 April 2021 - 26 June 2021

CLEAVE, meaning both to split or sever and to stick to, presents two slippery figures in a domestic setting who perform the same scenes over and again, with changes in emphasis, intonation and camera placement. 

The project uses the formal and aesthetic properties of amateur pornography and erotic narrative to question issues of agency, pleasure and autonomy with the aim of critiquing the regulative, exploitative regimes of body and gender representation that reinforce heteronormative models of sexual desire and naturalised behaviour.

EO Gill was the winner of the Bundoora Homestead Art Centre Prize at the 2020 Midsumma Australia Post Art Prize. This exhibition is presented in partnership with Midsumma Festival.

Please note, this exhibition contains sensitive content that may not be suitable for all viewers. Please use your discretion or ask our friendly gallery staff for more information.

CLEAVE is accompanied by a commissioned text by artist, curator and writer Frances Barrett.

Image: EO Gill, Cleave 2020 (still), digital video. Photo by Katie Winten
Collaborators: Athena Thebus (Performer), Chloe Corkran (Performer), Sarah Hadley (Camera Operator), Akil Ahamat (Sound Recordist), Anastasia Zaravinos (Makeup Artist), Katie Winten (Producer)
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