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Emma Hamilton | Simultaneous Light (Winter Solstice)

20 March 2021 - 20 March 2022

Weather lore speaks of the equinox gales; strong winds that occur at the equinox. While the equinox gales are generally considered to be a myth by meteorologists, over centuries many people have observed this weather phenomenon.

Simultaneous Light seeks to make visible seasonal changes in weather and lighting, through a series of cyanotype flags. Over 12 months four flags will be flown in the Bundoora Homestead grounds to mark the summer and winter solstices and the spring and autumn equinoxes. Alluding to scientific diagrams, these cyanotypes are made by the material they depict: sunlight.

For the current winter solstice flag Emma Hamilton has produced a double exposure cyanotype, embedding layers of time and light into the work. A translucent spherical object casts a shadow intersecting with the central diagrammatic form of the earth and it’s axis. In this way the artist has incorporated elements of previous works into this current project.

Emma Hamilton is a Melbourne-based artist with a keen interest in the materiality of the photograph. Oscillating between sculpture and photography, her practice operates at the intersection between object and image. Hamilton’s work explores disparities between the observed and the recorded: the camera’s view of landscape comparative to our experiential, visual observations.

Hamilton was awarded a residency in the Australia Council Paris studio in 2014, and has since undertaken residencies in Norway and Iceland. She has held recent solo exhibitions at Metro Arts (Brisbane), Alliance Française Gallery (Melbourne) and Centre for Contemporary Photography (Melbourne).

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