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COMING SOON | 4am flaming arrows

26 September 2021 - 5 December 2021

Due to current restrictions, installation of this exhibition has been delayed. Watch this space for updates.

sometimes there is no difference between dreams and waking life
one or both can be distressing
a haunting
it’s a lifestyle
i struggle with that myself
flaming arrows except the arrows are people yelling
dangerous road
develop your thoughts
healing and running away and setting on fire and healing
hyped to go
too much
top priority
emotional crossover
ideal life

The twilight hours bordering waking life often become simple prey to the maladies of heart and mind. Hallucinatory sensations, difficulties of perception, the feeling of being threatened, the combination of life, dreams, fantasy, fear and possibilities of imagination combine.

4am flaming arrows collates the work of Alexandra Nemarič, Anita Cummins, Lara Chamas, Jess Tan, Jordan Sibley, Katherine Botten, Matilda Davis, Nunzio Madden, Sarah Brasier, and William Hawkins. In dialogue with the transient state and emotions associated with waking up at 4am a discussion is presented of works as fascinating as they are terrifying, and as unsettling as they are beautiful, capturing the ephemeral nature of dreams and bearing it to the harsh light of day.

Curated by Jemi Gale.

Image: Matilda Davis the tiles I scraped off the walls and the something I built with them 2021. Oil on linen (through Instagram vortex filter)

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