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BUNDOORA NEBULA RESIDENCY #4 – Elana Grunberg & Hannah Raisin

11 May 2017 - 4 June 2017


The Bundoora Nebula Residency offers the rare creative opportunity for artists to make new work at Bundoora Homestead or in the revolutionary custom built studio – Nebula. The residency involves two artists, of which one has a disability.


While working in nursing homes during 2015 and 2016 Elana Grunberg began to contemplate in new ways our notion of the spaces contained within rooms. A day spent working in aged care is commonly spent pacing long corridors, dropping in and out of room after room.

The metaphor of the room has potent relevance to the artist as those with dissociative disorders are said to frequently describe having rich and highly detailed imaginings of rooms. As such, works created during this residency are a part of a larger exploration of this theme, and are a means of investigating the deconstruction, and integration which lead to healing.


Sensation, bodily action and interaction inform the politics of Hannah Raisin’s performance, video and photographic practice. In her work she engages in actions as a framework for questioning social and cultural conventions.

Since returning from an Asialink residency in India in 2016, she has been testing this work in a field that considers the inherent complexities of feminist dialogue, as it crosses diverse cultures and social conditions. Through the Nebula residency she is interested in expanding this inquiry into how shared public gesture and costume can facilitate connection and feminist discourse within diverse contexts.


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